At StartupSeeker, our mission is to unlock the latent potential of organizations around the world by partnering startups and scale-ups with large corporations.

When you pair the domain expertise, networks, distribution channels, customers and resources of a large organisation with the speed, talent and emerging technology of startups, you deliver winning outcomes, fast.

But lists of startups aren’t enough. Numerous providers can give you access to lists of startups, but there is little value in lists.

Your typical VC tracks thousands of startups a year, invests in twenty and of those twenty, two are likely to hit home runs. 

When it comes to partnering with startups, an inherently risky area, you need to cast a very wide net. 

The value lies in first identifying worthwhile challenges, scouring the globe looking for challenge-aligned startups, and then doing the dirty work of speaking with all of the best candidates to present you with only the top fit-for-purpose companies. 

Not only that, we help you select, engage and meaningfully work with these companies.

Our award-winning methodology has been leveraged by the likes of Microsoft, Village Roadshow, NTUC Income, Charter Hall and Bank of New Zealand, to establish meaningful startup partnerships.

StartupSeeker was founded by Collective Campus, a corporate innovation accelerator that has worked with countless listed and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.